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At Chef Agency ltd we are the original chef recruitment specialists
that are truly passionate about connecting candidates to the
right work placement.

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Chef Agency only charges a fee for the relief placement

not per hour therefore saving you excessive

agency hourly rates.

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Your buying Aid

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Are your food, sundry or laundry costs a little high?
We have the supplier’s and resources at hand to
help with keeping these costs down

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At Chef Agency we have the time and
the hands on experience to
understand your needs.

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The chef job website to find jobs in UK

Chef Agency are the specialist agency to find chefs jobs in the UK.

Are you looking for chefs jobs?
With a great selection of chef jobs in the industry, Chef Agency is the place to look if you want to advance your career and find new opportunities. We always have a wide range of specialist chef jobs throughout the UK from hospitality employers and so we are always looking for great chefs !

Chef Agency ltd is the website for chefs and jobs

Do you want to advance and progress as a chef? Why not send us a CV and let us find a endless list of chef jobs opportunities for you today? Our website is easy to use for both chefs and recruiters.

At Chef Agency, we pride ourselves on the quality and abundance of chef jobs we attract. We advertise the following chef jobs on our website:

Find Head chef Jobs

As the name suggests, the Head Chef is in charge of managing the kitchen with duties such as menu creation, financial management, inventory purchasing, hiring staff and more. The Chef Agency website has a superb selection of head chef jobs in all types of restaurants to suit a wide range of individuals throughout the UK.

Chef de partie jobs

In charge of a specific area in the kitchen, a Chef de partie is a role that is in high demand in many kitchens. If you are looking for the next great opportunity and want to move on as a chef de partie, Chef Agency job website is the place to look for next step in your career as a chef.

Search Sous chef Jobs

A sous chef is often recognised as being second-in-command to the head chef, and they play an extremely important role in the kitchen as they multi-task several jobs at any given time. With a huge selection of sous chef jobs on our website, you will be able to advance as a sous chef with the help of Chef Agency today.

Why choose Chef Agency to look for your next chef job?

At Chef Agency, we believe that we offer both chefs and recruiters the best selection of chef jobs and recruiters on the market. By choosing Chef Agency, you will benefit from the following advantages of our website:

  • Great selection of chef jobs on the market
  • Easy-to-use system and low fees
  • Your profile will be viewed by thousands of employers
  • All specialist chef roles covered

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Take the next step today in your chef career and register with Chef Agency.